Start having truly interactive remote meetings today

Use flags, assign roles, and collect feedback in real-time to drive meeting engagement

Analyze your meetings over time and track your progress towards your goals

Get ai-based insights and coaching to develop individually and as a team

Come better prepared to your next meeting with ai-based insights and coaching

Drive engagement by letting participants influence the meeting in real-time

Analyze your meetings over time and track your progress






Get ai-based insights and coaching that help you prepare for your next meeting

Learn from previous meeting results and apply learnings as you head into the next one

Prepare by learning about the people you are meeting with


Flags - Let participants influence the meeting in real-time using flags such as Off-topic, Park Discussion, or Move on

Roles - Assign meeting roles such as Notetaker, Devil's advocate, Time police or Facilitator

Badges - Endorse colleagues for great meeting behavior and earn badges displayed in meetings

Energy meter - Learn about the energy in the "room" by letting participants indicate their energy level

Feedback - let participants give one-click feedback towards the end of the meeting to drive engagement and improvement

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View meeting score and statistics such as time spents in meetings

Track KPIs such as Productivity, Inclusion and Engagement

Set and follow up on team and individual goals

Get actionable insights and coaching based on previous meetings

View performance over time and learn how you can improve

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Allting reminds me of how my Fitbit analyses my life, shows me how I’m doing and what can be improved. I really agree that we too seldomly work on our meeting skills even though we sit in meetings all day.

CRM Manager,

Leading FMCG company

Generally, a very good and hands-on tool. It can really make a difference in organizations that have a problematic meeting culture.

Business Developer,

Biotech start-up

The ability to get insights out of the meeting to help me as an individual improve meeting quality and efficiency is great. The quick survey for participants is really useful to collect feedback from everyone.

VP Global Business Ops,

Leading Ad Platform


Did you know that... 

And meetings is a substantial part of the problem


67% of US employees are not engaged at work


We're spending 50% more time in collaborative activities, compared to 20 years ago


74% do not feel valued at work


50% of time in meetings is wasted​


75% have received no formal training 


98% of Fortune 100 companies do not measure meeting engagement​

Keep your meetings secure

At Allting, we take security very seriously. Meetings often contain sensitive information and need to be treated with the utmost care.

When you become an Allting customer, all your data is treated with the highest security standards. Any data as well as any connections you make while accessing Allting are completely secure.

Read more about our security standards here.

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