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Start Having Truly Interactive Meetings

With Allting you can be better prepared ahead of meetings, achieve better results with active participation during meetings, and learn what can be improved after each meeting.


Become a Better Team, Together.

Let participants influence the meeting in real-time using flags such as Off-topic, Park Discussion, or Move on. Track KPIs such as Productivity, Inclusion and Engagement

Make a impact in meetings

The Allting chrome extension enables you to use Allting seamlessly when you’re having meetings! Understand the rooms energy levels and get important information in real time.

Let participants influence the meeting using flags, such as Off-topic, Park, Discussion, Decision, and Move on. 


Easy-to-Read Reports

View statistics to understand how much time you spend in meetings. Track KPIs such as Productivity, Inclusion and Engagement. Get actionable insights based on previous meetings. See your team's performance over time and learn how you can improve


Keep Your Meetings Secure

At Allting, we take security seriously. Meetings often contain sensitive information and we treat this responsibility with the utmost care. 

When you become an Allting customer, all your data is handled with the highest security standards. Any data as well as connections you make while accessing Allting are completely secure. 



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What People Say

"The ability to get insights out of the meeting to help me as an individual improve meeting quality and efficiency is great. The quick survey for participants is really useful to collect feedback from everyone."

VP Global Business Ops, Leading Ad Platform

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How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Encourage Team Engagement

Keep a Pulse on Your Teams

Analyze Meeting Performance Using Statistics

Cultivate Inclusivity and Equality in Meetings

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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