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Helping Brands across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

Diagnose, Optimize, And Improve Your Meetings With Allting Today!


Real-Time Feedback

Use Allting's live-meeting function to like, flag, raise concerns during a meeting, and much more!


 Allting allows you to seamlessly let others know you think it's time for a break, without interrupting the meeting flow. Allting users can anonymously state their opinions, allowing other team members to vote on their position.


 For instance, think the conversation is irrelevant? Let your voice be heard and see what your teammates vote!



Ever feel stuck in a meeting you don't need to be in? How about feeling like you've been hosting great weekly stand-ups only to find your team burnt out? 

With Allting, you'll get a chance to provide feedback on your meeting. Anonymously let your team know if the meeting was irrelevant or unproductive. We'll do the analysis on your team's feedback and provide summary statistics.

So you can stop feeling stuck and start understanding your team.

Audio Analysis

Tone, length of speech time, pitch - these all contribute to the overall sentiment of your meeting. Let Allting help you perform audio analysis to assess whether the vibe of your meeting was anything from joyful to angry.


We can also help your team with speaker distribution. We all know those colleagues who drone on when everyone's checked out. Or the shy and quiet intern with brilliant ideas. Use Allting to help you gauge speaker distribution and ensure everyone gets a fair voice. 

Fits All Team Sizes

Whether your team is just a two-man show or you're running a major conference, Allting will work for you. 

Allting helps your team track, measure, and predict your meeting quality based on participant feedback. No matter what your goal, our insights aim to help your team better understand areas of improvement and how to keep engagement levels high. 

So go ahead, relax and let us figure out how your meetings can improve. 

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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