Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Is my information secure?

At Allting, we take security very seriously. Meetings often contain sensitive information and need to be treated with the utmost care.

When you become an Allting customer, all your data is treated with the highest security standards. Any data as well as any connections you make while accessing Allting are completely secure.

What providers does Allting work with?

Right now Allting has a chrome extention that you can use with any meeting platform in the chrome browser. We are also working on a Teams integration that should be out soon!

If you have space on the screen or two monitors you can open Allting in a new tab were you can see it during the meeting and you will be good to go aswell!

How do I join a organization?

To join a organization you can provide the email to the Allting admin/owner of your organization (in the popup on the startscreen) and a request to join will be sent to them.

How do I change organization?

You will have to contact the admin of the organization you want to join. After they send you a invite a request to join a notification will be shown at:

Just click agree and you will have changed organization!